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Male Feminists Are Unicorns

A Radical Feminist Inquiry into Men and the Movement

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What is a unicorn?

Wikipedia: Marianna Mayer has observed (The Unicorn and the Lake), "The unicorn is the only fabulous beast that does not seem to have been conceived out of human fears. In even the earliest references he is fierce yet good, selfless yet solitary, but always mysteriously beautiful. He could be captured only by unfair means, and his single horn was said to neutralize poison."

From Monstrous.com: It was traditionally believed that a virgin who was naked sitting beneath a tree could only catch the delicate unicorn. The unicorn, who craves purity, would be irresistably drawn to the girl and lie down with his head in her lap...If, however, the girl was merely pretending to be a virgin, the unicorn would tear her apart.

There are several parallels between unicorns and male feminists: Their ties to chivalry and conflict. Their close yet questionable relationship to women. The frequency with which they are encountered, as opposed to referenced. The very strong possibility that they're cases of mistaken identity, and are in actuality entirely different creatures.

If you think the above paragraph is sexist against men, this is not the community for you. In fact, if you think "sexism against men" might exist, you're not welcome.

Militant? Yes, but funny, as only reality can be.

Again from Wikipedia, a word on unicorn-hunting: Another [method] involved angering a unicorn, fleeing from it toward a tree when it charged, and diving out of the way just before the tree, causing the unicorn to strike the tree, rendering it dead, unconscious, or stuck, held by its horn in the wood.

Ah yes, I also like the horn symbology. Ha.

Membership by approval only. Unicorn-hunting and political commentary is encouraged, but comments disparaging disadvantaged groups will not be tolerated. Warnings may or may not be given.

I haven't entirely decided what to do about male applicants. I don't think they'll fly. First of all, I honestly can't picture approving them with more frequency than I do unicorns. Second, I'm not interested in giving a defacto stamp of approval to the tiny percentage of men that might contribute something of value. Registered members may comment on this issue.

5/24/06: Note for those attempting to join
I originally defaulted to membership being restricted to women I personally "know" (IRL or online) and believe to be on board with the principles undergirding this community. I intended this to be just an initial practice in order to set the tone of this place, and that I would gradually extend membership more broadly. I have since realized how little time I have to moderate this community, and therefore may not end up broadening membership beyond women matching this description. If you are not a member, please add us to your friendslist and comment as much as you'd like; you are welcome! You may also request membership so that if the day comes when membership is broadened, I am aware that you are interested. Thanks.

If you "know" me and believe you should be added, email me. I may not recognize your LJ name.