funniekins (funniekins) wrote in mf_unicorns,

Aretha didn't sing it "A-S-S-K-I-S-S"

You know, these "woman-friendly" men certainly "respect" the hell out of each other.

You can almost feel the civil harrumphing in the air!

"oh no NOOO, my good sir, after YOOOOU!"

"Perhaps the Gentleman from Oregon fails to realize..."

"Might the right honorable Lord of Blogdom please suffer the inquiry, my right hon. Friend would like to ask.."

What you may not know, if you're not keeping tabs on Alas or the commentary swirling around it, is that (as they're not stupid) women noticed that Barry was..ahem..."Above Responding" to criticism of the tight-lipped sale of his website to a porn-promoting "SEO." That is, he was as long as his critics were those ugly nasty icky shrill creatures: women. One must suppose it was was the grandest of motivations, ordinary chivalry, keeping his tongue in check so!

Let Hugo Schwyzer get involved, though, and...! Things begin to happen! Tut-tut, righty-o, buck up old chap, I say, what IS afoot here? These fine ladies seem concerned and I for one think that this time they might just have a point! Surely you can reward them with your excellent opinion and therefore clear this up post-haste. Out with it, old fellow!

Well, it came out, all right. Yawn.

Interestingly, when asked why the fuck Hugo hung the moon, Barry replied:

I picked Hugo out because he is the one person who emailed me personally asking me to open up such a thread.

And there you have it! Public criticism of public actions is most APPROPRIATELY handled only after discreet and private inquiries among men. I'm sorry, I mean, among friends.

If you wanted more out of Barry/Ampersand than disdainful silence, well, you ought to have asked him nicely, oughtn't you have?

Next time, pretend you're a man (just for good measure) and privately email the script below:

The feminist peasantry, most bovine of women, considers itself our "constituency" and so they must be pacified to a degree, my dear friend. Let us not, however, make the mistake of going so nonsensically far as to hold ourselves accountable to their interests.
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