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SSDD: women make men money, earn nothing!

Just checked in at Womensspace...found these two posts by Heart:

(Regarding Ampersand selling Alas, a Blog, which now hosts porn-related content)

(Regarding the shadiness of Alas' buyer, Barry/Amp's hokey defense of his decision, and some interesting technical information regarding blog linking and search engines)

This? This is so flagrant that I just cannot help but sit here snickering to myself at the total absurdity.

A man who has built a reputation for himself by using women to achieve credibility:
* feminist/female commenters making his blog appear feminist without him actually having to provide specifically feminist comment/content;
* feminist/female bloggers having linked to him in the old days of few feminist blogs existing;
* playing coy about his own gender in order to achieve feminist credibility;
* using his ill-gotten feminist credibility to shore up his cartooning pursuits, including using the equally-faux-female "Girlamatic" to publish his strip Hereville
* acting as sole representative of feminist bloggers on a nationally-syndicated radio show
* "inviting" women to create more free content for his blog ("co-blogging" without consensus), offering them the hard-to-resist carrot of widespread exposure due to his above use of women for networking purposes

...has now sold that credibility to the highest bidder.

The new owner of Alas is using
a)content created by women,
b)exposure aided by women, and
c)the reputation of the blog as a prominent concern of women
in order to pass the credibility women have earned for Barry Deutsch along to its client porn sites via deceptive page-rankings tactics.

How much money have women gotten out of their myriad contributions to Alas? And how much have they earned for Barry Deutsch?

Did those co-bloggers get a percentage of Barry's profit?
Did they get a say?
Did they get notice?

I'm certain it's true that he put countless hours of effort into his site and that he needed money.

But I believe it's obvious that without women, his comics and opinions would still be languishing in the virtual oblivion in which they existed prior to his self-creation as a male feminist.

Without women, he wouldn't have a commodity for which he can get paid, and the new owners wouldn't have money to give him.

Restated yet again: the users of women's bodies for profit have paid a company to recognize Barry's genius in using women's brains for profit and further exploit his use of them.

He says he knows that people will accuse him of selling out and has locked the topic so that no one can point out the obvious: nobody cares if he sells out! Why would they? Oh, but the search engine cheaters and the pornographers they represent don't want to buy Barry, do they. Barry isn't worth very much to them, so they let Barry keep himself perfectly intact, along with his opinions and drawings.

They don't want to buy Barry. They want to buy what Barry's selling them.

The problem is that the thing he's been hawking all along has never properly been his to sell.
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