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I'll bet these guys aren't "social conservatives"

Courtesy sex_and_race :

Officers discover sex-slave cult

A sex slavery cult based on a series of 1960s science fiction novels has been uncovered by police in Darlington.

Durham Police discovered the bizarre sect after raiding a home in the area, after receiving complaints that a woman was being held against her will.

But a spokesman said the Canadian was a willing participant and the other people involved were consenting adults.

The group, called Kaotians, follow the Chronicles of Gor novels which depict a society where women are dominated.

The 29-year-old woman is said to have voluntarily attended the sect after finding out about it over the internet.

She later contacted a friend in United States, who then contacted the police, saying she wanted to leave but couldn't as she had burnt her passport and return ticket.

But a police spokesman said upon arriving at the premises they did not find any evidence of "criminal offences".

'Own choice'

Police also investigated claims by a father in Essex his 18-year-old son had joined the sect. However police also found the teenager was at the property voluntarily and they had no grounds to get involved.

Lee Thompson, 31, says he is the "master" who trains the slaves at the Darlington address.

He said the women who act as slaves "do so by their own choice".

"We're just a group of people that live a different lifestyle, I mean there's nothing wrong with that," he told BBC News.

"We don't hurt anyone, we don't damage anyone, everyone's consensual."

Members of the group based their lives on "a dominant submissive point of view", he said.

"It's one thing that everyone's missed out on so far is, even in our organisation, if that's what you want to call it, women can be free and they can be dominant, we don't stop that," he added.

"But the majority of women in our organisation are obviously slaves because women have a submissive streak in them."

Mr Thompson says up to 350 followers regularly meet in pubs and clubs around the North East, in an area from Berwick to York.

Kaotians are a splinter group of the Goreans, which base their beliefs on novels written by American university professor John Norman.

The books are set on the quasi-medieval planet of Gor, which has a caste system and uses women as slaves.

There are an estimated 25,000 Goreans worldwide.


I'm reading Catharine MacKinnon's new book, Are Women Human?, in which she discusses, among other things, international human rights vs. women's rights.

She describes how women who are held as captives and sexually abused (which happens more often than anyone believes) are perceived and discussed one way, while the human rights community discusses captured and tortured political prisoners quite differently. It's an excellent point; few rescued/released POWs are asked to produce witnesses describing that they not only disliked imprisonment, but that they adequately informed their captors of their continued displeasure with conditions. The police in the story above, on the other hand, are unable to find evidence of criminal offenses (and seem disinclined to keep trying to do so) despite a clear plea for help from a woman with no apparent way to leave.

But this blog is about male feminists, and I find the men in this story quite interesting, which led to this post. The Gorean/Kaotian men may not call themselves feminists (though I would not be surprised; recognizing a "submissive streak in women" is no longer believed to be antithetical to feminism, particularly if that belief is ritualized into a pervasive sexual practice/lifestyle identity).

It's this quote pairing that I keep thinking about:

He said the women who act as slaves "do so by their own choice".

"We don't hurt anyone, we don't damage anyone, everyone's consensual."

Everyone's consensual.
Not "every act has been consensual".
Everyone. Is.

I'll spare you the link to the discussion board I just found for Goreans, though a quick scan reveals comments like:

Some people will be offended, of course, but few of those would do anything about it. After all, what consenting adults do in private is their own affair.

Of course there are sometimes people and groups that give consensual slavery a bad name, as is the case with everything. There have been countless religious sects over the years but religion continues on. People generally have the sense to recognise when a group or individual is out on a limb and not representative of the majority and I don't think this will be any different.


Funny, funny:

The books depict a society, called the land of Gor, which is divided into castes, and where women are kept as slaves.

Where women are kept as slaves. Eh, about 2% of women on Gor.
I guess in modern industrial societies the percentage of slavery is much higher. But it just isn't called slavery. It is commonly referred to as being housewive, working in a factory, being jobless and living from social welfare and so on - these are the real slaves in today's society.

Interestingly, these practitioners of 'consensual slavery' are clearly left of center, and are ostensibly properly concerned about the lot of women (save the housewives!)...yet they cannot even pay lip service to sex inequality without immediately retreating to a human rights rhetoric regarding factory workers, poverty, etc.

So, are women human? The answer of these men [undergirded by the media's and the police's and the law's support of their right to freely practice this 'consensual slavery'] seems to be: yes and no...but most importantly, my opinion and my practices cannot be held accountable by you.
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