funniekins (funniekins) wrote in mf_unicorns,

The Unicorns and the Pagans

The blogger Biting Beaver has a post about men in paganism, a disproportionately large number of whom profess to be profeminist, in my admittedly limited experience.


Obviously, there are males following the pagan path and not a small number of them either. In fact, some of the largest pagan boards and pagan forums on the internet are owned and run by men. Many of them who claim to worship the goddess aspect of the Creator. Many of whom claim to pray to the Goddess and to ask the Goddess for help throughout their lives. These same men, who claim devout servitude to the Goddess aspect have no trouble, and indeed, seem to thoroughly enjoy, hearing women being told to "Take it like a good whore".

Link to whole post:

I'd comment more, but know very little about paganism itself, though I have known a LOT of men who are involved in it, and don't tend to find them any less offensive than liberals.

Since I know many of you who read this are better-educated and more personally invested in this topic, I leave it for your comments!
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