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A few links...

Here's an interesting post by Ginmar, discussing male victims shutting down discussions of rape and violence against women, and supposedly feminist male bloggers prioritizing antifeminist commenters over the wishes of feminist women:

Excerpt: The thing is, I think to be a male feminist you have to accept you're going to be an outcast if you're really devoted to the idea. It's the guys that don't see that that seem to try and cling to legitimacy by encouraging male trolls. After all, male commenters still mean legitimacy. If you've got males posting, you're legit. That's what it takes to throw in your lot with women. You will be an outcast.

And here's one by Bean, entitled "Feminism and Civility and Communication (Oh My!)":

Which in the interest of full disclosure, was composed in response to events surrounding my being banned from "Alas, A Blog" many months ago. Needless to say, I agree with many things she posted.

A brief statement on the subject of "Alas":

Regarded by many as the most prominent feminist blog on the internet, the site now features some female contributors, but was started and is owned and run by a straight man named Ampersand/Barry (I mention this since many, many people have spent quite a long time reading his posts without ever realizing he's male and heterosexual). Is he a feminist? My answer is a firm "no," but I also want to make this clear:

I hope that this community is used to discuss the broad topic of men who involve themselves with the feminist movement. I think that because of its prominence, content and dynamic at "Alas" are fair game for comment here...however...though I'm certainly not above ill wishes toward those I perceive to have wronged me, I'd like to focus my energy on something more productive than a "community" formed to bash particular persons and/or websites. In addition, it would be a shame for any woman to feel that posting here would in any way constitute being disloyal to male feminists with whom she associates, on whatever level.

This community should be a place where women can discuss male feminists without fear of repercussions or recrimination. This means that no poster, commenter, or member should be assumed to hold OR be required to hold a certain opinion of a particular man by virtue of her participation in this community.
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