Your Ironic Chef (lilithcoyote) wrote in mf_unicorns,
Your Ironic Chef

What do you think of this?

Today's "Overcompensating" comic is a critique of the recent misogynist ads by Axe deodorant.

I think it's pretty well done and I especially like the written commentary he included below the strip. I was unsure at first read how I felt about a male comic artist making this kind of sarcastic statement, and whether it could be misread by some people who don't have a great grip on the finer points of satire, though. What do you think?


He also did a storyline mocking the president of American Apparel's sleazy, misogynist behavior. He was asked to remove several of those comics by AA, I think with a cease and desist order.
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As someone with what can only be described as inadequate contact with advertising these days, I had to read your post, the strip, and his commentary multiple times in order to feel like I had a reasonable understanding of what on earth his point was. However, it's fair to say that my experience is probably atypical. And perhaps if I get a chance to see these ads, the strip will click in a way that it hasn't quite yet.
Okay, after going to the "Axe Effect" website, this makes a whole hell of a lot more sense. Wow.
Yeah I should have mentioned that. The horrible ads were fresh in my mind as I had just seen them discussed in another feminist forum, so I got it right away, but if you haven't seen or heard of the ads I wouldn't imagine it makes much sense.
Oh and good to see you're here!