Your Ironic Chef (lilithcoyote) wrote in mf_unicorns,
Your Ironic Chef

An interesting post by a regular Alas commenter

I thought this post by Jesurgilac was apt, and probably of interest to those reading here.

My fear with race:gender metaphors is always that it will end up obscuring or confusing the issue, but I think it was done perfectly here, it completely makes clear just why so many women are so angry about Alas and Amp's policies and behavior as a "male feminist." Ironically, as I have noted elsewhere, I find the way race is handled on Alas to be just as inept as the way feminist issues are handled. While claiming on its face to be an anti-racist space, Alas nonetheless harbors all sorts of "debates" on very, very basic issues of racial inequality. It's no more "people of color friendly" than it is "feminist friendly." This is, of course, something that specifically white men get to do: they get to declare ALL the terms of the discussion, even what is offensive to people who have very different experiences of the world than they do.
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