funniekins (funniekins) wrote in mf_unicorns,

Happy New Year, MFU!

After a whirlwind of a trip encompassing family and cats and ear candles and not half the things I hoped it would, I have returned home...or at least to a place with internet access available independent of the cable company with which my mom is feuding.

Unfortunately, I see y'all are not the only ones who have been busy in my almost-absence. It seems our little community has managed to attract a bit of negative attention, which is to be expected considering the topic, but has still managed to surprise me with its speed and scope.

I was hoping we would have a bit more time to establish ourselves quietly prior to the onslaught, so I think it would be wise to batten down the hatches a bit as a precautionary measure. To those of you who have requested membership, I thank you and look forward to approving you.* I do need some more time to consider your requests (i.e. look you up and stuff), however, because to this point I have only approved persons I 'know' from elsewhere, and I am committed to protecting the tone and content here.

Of course, you're *very* welcome to comment in the meantime! That, too, would help me get to know you.

Thanks for your understanding, and for visiting.

*the one exception to this being the gentleman who requested membership, for I still have not determined whether or not that's appropriate for this community.
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