Your Ironic Chef (lilithcoyote) wrote in mf_unicorns,
Your Ironic Chef

Violence against Barbies

"I have to admit, I love the idea of gleeful little girls microwaving Barbies to death."

-A Prominent Male Feminist

This article is getting a lot of discussion on blogs at the moment. I have to say that while the sentiments of women about Barbie, however I may disagree with them, are pretty much understandable, I am disturbed by the glee some males are taking at the idea of "Barbie mutilations."

What I find many are reluctant to examine (especially having come forth with their own reaction that torturing Barbie is just da bomb) is the idea that maybe what girls are doing, here, is not so much acting with aggression towards the expectation that they should be feminine, but perhaps they are re-enacting violence towards women they have seen in the media or played out in real life. I've found that women have been far more likely to think of this as a possibility than have men, even most men calling themselves feminist.

Why the jump to the conclusion that "torturing" Barbie is a positive sign? I can only read this as "girls today hate and torture in effigy a certain type of women. This means they are learning to properly despise this sort of woman just as we, liberal men, despise such women [bimbos, bitches, put your offensive word of choice in the box]. This is a positive sign because it means that girls today, unlike previous generations, are learning to Think Like Men which means equality is nigh!"

What do you think? And apologies if this is not 100% on the unicorn topic.
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